Start the process of validating your SaaS startup idea... now.


Identify your competitors.

Has someone already implemented your idea? Who else is playing in the space? We find them all. With years of market research experience, we have the tools and insights to find your top competitors -- from tiny niche startups to industry titans. We’ll give you the top 5 we think pose the biggest threat to your idea.


Learn how much funding they've raised.

How far along are your competitors? Bootstrapping? Fund raising? Seed stage? Series A? You’ll want to know what you’re up against… We’ll give you an idea of where they are now and what their scaling potential looks like.


Get insights into their user traction.

What does their user base look like? How are they acquiring new customers? You’ll want some insight into how they monetize their users. Do they offer community support/client success? What’s your opportunity to do it better?


The data you need to design your business model, win investors, and win in the market.

Don't let a potential investor be the first to tell you about a competitor you've never heard of. Don't build a product someone else has already built without first understanding why they've succeeded or failed. You need to know who your competitors are - even if they aren't direct competitors. Further, you need to know if they have traction. Our standard Startup Competition Report addresses the following: 

  • Competitors - Who are they? What have they built? 
  • Funding - Have they raised capital? How much? When? 
  • Users - How many page views do they get? How many app downloads? How many reviews? 
  • Marketing - What does their SEO ranking look like? What AdWords traffic do they get? Do they remarket?  
  • Social - Do they have followers? How many? Are they still active? 
  • PR - Are they ever in the news? How often? When was the last big PR push? Where did they get traction (local, national, niche, etc)? 
  • Pricing - What do they charge? If it's free, is it obvious how they make money? 
I wanted to thank you for some great work! We just got our market research report and we are really happy with the product. Some great finds in there, and the detail in the data is awesome.
— Founder, Agricultural Startup

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