Customer Survey 

With our Customer Survey product we work with you to define around five key questions we can ask to a targeted audience for your product. We then take those findings and product a handful of visuals summarizing the data. Average turnaround time is 3 to 5 days - depending on how difficult it is to find the target audience.   

Population Size
The population we can target with an effective survey will depend on your target criteria. If you're product is B2B, and you're targeting high-level executives with six-figure salaries, then we may only be able to get 25 participants. If you're targeting anyone between 18 and 55 who owns a home, we can probably get you 300 to 500 participants. In some cases we can get hundreds of responses, but we can only guarantee 25 to 50. Before we run the survey, we work with you via email to define the population and the questions. So there's time to cancel the order (for a full refund) if we don't think we can get you the number of participants you need. 

Survey Questions
A custom survey can be as simple as asking prospective users up to five questions. Other times, we can just share a well articulated version of the idea, and ask for different types of input. You can be involved in coming up with questions, or you can trust our team to craft insightful questions on your behalf. Occasionally we can work in some elimination questions, but that will often have to be balanced with the size of the target population. It's a science and an art. We will work with you to balance the audience with the number and type of questions to get an optimal response. 

The final detailed results will be included in a detailed spreadsheet of raw data. And then our Keynote ninjas will craft a custom slide (or two) capturing the key findings from the results. If you prefer PowerPoint or Google Slides, we can make that work too. 

Example Customer Survey 

Here is an example from a past project. Take some time and check it out. 


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