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Don't let a potential investor be the first to tell you about a competitor you've never heard of. Don't build a product someone else has already built without first understanding why they've succeeded or failed. You need to know who your competitors are - even if they aren't direct competitors. Further, you need to know if they have traction. Our standard Startup Competition Report addresses the following: 

  • Competitors - Who are they? What have they built? 
  • Funding - Have they raised capital? How much? When? 
  • Users - How many page views do they get? How many app downloads? How many reviews? 
  • Marketing - What does their SEO ranking look like? What AdWords traffic do they get? Do they remarket?  
  • Social - Do they have followers? How many? Are they still active? 
  • PR - Are they ever in the news? How often? When was the last big PR push? Where did they get traction (local, national, niche, etc)? 
  • Pricing - What do they charge? If it's free, is it obvious how they make money? 

Take a look at some of our past work

Online Leadership Coaching Startup

A platform to provide leadership development by tailoring the training to specific questions and people within your organization. All interactions will happen directly with users exclusively through emails and SMS, allowing for maximum participation and feedback in a way that's simple, yet effective.


Real Estate Network Startup

A web-based platform to connect residential real estate professionals. A platform for agents, brokers, and others to collaborate around specific deals, build a network, and collaborate -- leveraging virtual reality where possible.


Personal Finance Startup

Imagine an online personal trainer for your personal finances (mint.com meets leanmuscleproject.com). The idea is that after you connect all of your accounts, the app provides you with recommendations for how you can better manage your finances, meet your goals/objectives, and provides coaching both in real-time (fast feedback) and over time (more in-depth analysis).


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