Frequently Asked Questions

No. We don't disclose client relationships or information we obtain through them. Should you submit an idea similar to a previous client we'll run the same process we did for them. We encourage you to only disclose only what you're comfortable with. We'll ask qualifying questions to ensure we're capturing the correct competitors in your space.

We use our years of knowledge working with startups to provide the insight you need to get going. Check out Mike's or Steve's LinkedIn or drop us an email.

Mike currently manages one of the most successful startup launch studios in Indianapolis and Steve is an enthusiastic research analyst who has worked for a few of those startups.

We can work with you to provide consulting packages based on the information you’re looking for. Need an in-depth analysis on competitor product features? We can do that. How about post-mortem analysis (because you need to know how to not die)? We can do that too.

No problem. We can work in a variety of presentation platforms -- Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides. We find Keynote is most prevalent software in startup environments thus our tool of choice.

Email us directly: We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Our goal on all of our reports is to turn around content as fast as possible. Sometimes it takes time to find the highest quality data. While a 2 to 3 day turnaround time is our goal, some reports may take up to 5 to 10 business days.

There is often a lot of noise out there. We try to find competitors who look and sound like you as well as those occupying a similar space. We’ll give you our first pass list before we start the data collection to verify we understand your idea correctly. If you think we missed one, we can add research for it at no cost.

Absolutely. Drop us a note and we can set up a kickoff call to discuss project scope and discount pricing.