Identify and track your competition.

Capture market insights from the data.


How We Help

We specialize in finding and creating data to help you make decisions around your startup idea or product.

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Competitor Data

Competitor Data is a spreadsheet full of awesome data on your competitors. Data includes funding, traction, marketing, PR, social, employees, pricing, tech stack, founding team, etc. The report typically covers ten competitors (sometimes more), and has an average turnaround time of 2 to 3 days. 


Competitor Report

Competitor Report starts with the same process as Competitor Data, were we pull info on around ten competitors.  We then take those findings and produce a full investor-quality deck along with expert analysis from the Startup Competitors founding team. Average turnaround time is one week. 


Quarterly Subscription

After you have purchased a full Competitor Report, you’re eligible to turn that report into an ongoing quarterly report that gets updated and automatically sent to you every three months. We will take the same ten competitors from your original report, and we track a number of the same key metrics over time. It’s a great way to keep a benchmark of the market overall.

We’ve spent hours and thousands of dollars looking at our competitors and market opportunities. Startup Competitors provides the sorts of insights that could have saved us considerable time and money.
— Jason Ward, Founder, Boardable

Meet the Team


Mike Kelly

Startup Competitors builds on Mike's year's of experience hearing founders pitch - and then within two minutes of Google searching finding two or three competitors that the founder has never heard of. It's very frustrating.  Mike is one of the founders of DeveloperTown, a c0-founder of FullStack, the founder of Tenant Tracker, and he's an active advisor/board member in a series of startups, including: Waterly, Venue Intelligence, Peoplocity, and (some of) the DT Starts companies. 

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Steve Jones

Startup Competitors is a chance for Steve to help early stage founders with a foundational component of their business planning process. Competitor research is crucial to go-to-market strategy, financial analysis, and understanding product-market-fit. In addition, it gives him a great excuse to reach out to and pick the brains of some of the best minds in the venture world. Steve is a past DeveloperTown contributor, and has spent the last few years honing his digital marketing and research skills at one of the most trusted brands in home services. 

We’ve incorporated competitive analysis in both our onboarding process as well as our quarterly client reports. The insights have been super valuable in helping us better understand where our clients are relative to their competitors, which in turn better informs the strategy we’re developing for our clients.
— Mendy Werne, CEO BLASTmedia