Cuddle Clones with Jennifer Williams

Cuddle Clones with Jennifer Williams

In this episode, I chat with Jennifer Williams of Cuddle Clones. A cuddle clone is a custom plush replica that looks just like your pet, to celebrate the love that people have for their pets. The business is over five years old, and they have seen growth each year, and have 45 employees both in the US and in their Chinese production facilities.

“ is everything FOR your pet. I want Cuddle Clones to be everything OF your pet.

— Jennifer Williams

Jennifer shares the process of production, as well as the customer experience, after the order is placed. Portions of each purchase are donated to three charities per month, which vary from month to month. Typically, the donations go to a national organization, such as the ASPCA, a local organization, and an individual with a pet in need, usually found on crowdfunding sites.

Cuddle Clones has big plans for the new year. They recently had a meeting in which they began the process of creating a more robust order management system. They are also exploring ways in which they can create a community in which customers can interact and send updates for their pets. Finally, they are have also created a plan to 5x their marketing budget and spend more money on current marketing strategies.

To learn more about Cuddle Clones, you can visit

Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Product expansion, and the value of products at various price points

  • Having a Chinese production Workshop

  • Cuddle Clones’ competitors, and how they vary from each

  • The process of production

  • The use of technology in their business, and how to improve on it

  • Their plan to increase the amount of repeat customers

  • Top issue facing the company

  • The future of Cuddle Clones and the market

Wicked Sheets with Alli Truttmann


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I’ve always seen competitors as a way to measure your landscape and market size. […] We have four competitors in our space. We all charge the same thing. The fabric is made the same way. […] Our competitive advantage is being certified by the asthma allergy friendly organization.
— Alli Truttmann

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Our perspective is that, since most startups fail within two years, we’re going to fund getSayDo for two years. And then if at the end of those two years the market isn’t willing to assume that ongoing investment, then we should close up shop. The good news is that we’re in year five.
— Lawrence McGlown

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If we get enough market share, then we can start saying we already have enough critical mass to just convert this into the way that everyone should report it. Then there’s a consistent data standard and we can work with the regulators to say ‘Do you have any additional things that you want captured?’
— Luke Jacobs