Identify your competitors.

Has someone already implemented your idea? Who else is playing in the space? We find them all. With years of market research experience, we have the tools and insights to find your top competitors -- from tiny niche startups to industry titans. We’ll give you the top 5 we think pose the biggest threat to your idea.

Get insights into their user traction.

What does their user base look like? How are they acquiring new customers? You’ll want some insight into how they monetize their users. Do they offer community support/client success? What’s your opportunity to do it better?

Learn how much funding they've raised.

How far along are your competitors? Bootstrapping? Fund raising? Seed stage? Series A? You’ll want to know what you’re up against… We’ll give you an idea of where they are now and what their scaling potential looks like.

“We’ve spent tens of hours and thousands of dollars looking at our competitors and market opportunities. Startup Competitors provides the sorts of insights that could have saved us considerable time and money.”
— Jason Ward, Founder, Boardable