Quarterly Subscription

Love your Competitor Report? Get setup with automatic updates every quarter. And not just an updated report, we track key stats over time and show you trendlines for who’s gaining in traction and who’s losing it.  

NOTE: To be able to kickoff a quarterly subscription, you’ll already need to have purchased our Competitor Report.

Quarterly Recurring Report Updates
199.00 every 3 months

Example Quarterly Subscription Reports

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Real Estate Network


Personal Finance

What’s in our quarterly reports?

Our quarterly update includes updates and trends for the following information:

  • Revenue

  • Funding

  • Employees

  • Key Marketing Stats

  • Keyword Updates

  • Traffic Numbers

  • Press Updates

We typically ship a PDF as the final deliverable, but if you need the deck in a specific format, we can make that happen. 

Purchase Competitor Report

Quarterly Recurring Report Updates
199.00 every 3 months

After you have purchased a full Competitor Report, you’re eligible to turn that report into an ongoing quarterly report that gets updated and automatically sent to you every three months. We will take the same ten competitors from your original report, and we track a number of the same key metrics over time - showing you who’s growing and at what pace. It’s a great way to keep a benchmark of the market overall, and to see if your competitors are experiences the same good fortune or headwinds that you are.