The data you need to design your business model, win investors, and win in the market.

Don't let a potential investor be the first to tell you about a competitor you've never heard of. Don't build a product someone else has already built without first understanding why they've succeeded or failed. You need to know who your competitors are - even if they aren't direct competitors. Further, you need to know if they have traction. Our standard Startup Competition Report addresses the following: 

  • Competitors - Who are they? What have they built? 
  • Funding - Have they raised capital? How much? When? 
  • Users - How many page views do they get? How many app downloads? How many reviews? 
  • Marketing - What does their SEO ranking look like? What AdWords traffic do they get? Do they remarket?  
  • Social - Do they have followers? How many? Are they still active? 
  • PR - Are they ever in the news? How often? When was the last big PR push? Where did they get traction (local, national, niche, etc)? 
  • Pricing - What do they charge? If it's free, is it obvious how they make money?